Coming soon: Articles, interviews and videos on the Values Universe — the new leadership model that can help to unify individuals, teams and organisations.

Why do some of us reach our full potential and others not?

Why do some leaders inspire and others create cliques and dissent?

Why do some teams fail and others thrive?

Take a voyage to the Values Universe in this thought-provoking new book and find out the answers…

A book that clearly shows that values and authentic leadership are more than just nice to haves and are essential foundations within business. This model demonstrates the commercial benefits on the bottom line when their potential is fully harnessed.
Sean McAuliffeGlobal Head of Business Development, The Football Association

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‘You Can’t Plant a Tree in Space’
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The Values Universe model is built on three essential elements:


Mindfulness is the buzz word of the moment and yet it can get a bit of a bad press. That somehow it’s about sitting around all day being reflective. The kind of mindfulness we’re talking about is practical; it focuses on and includes us, our motivation, and our interaction with the world. And yes, it is about being still, but it’s about an internal stillness rather than a physical one.


The concept of Values sounds all very idealistic. But being honest with ourselves, our teams and organisations enables us to set the conditions for success. Without honesty and integrity in how we perform our day to day roles we put everything at risk both in our personal relationships and our professional lives.


We all have a philosophy of some kind or another – whether we acknowledge it or not. A strong philosophy should be a conscious statement of intent rather than something we do without realising. By having our own philosophy we take control of how we live our lives, our view of the world, what our intentions are, what we do and why we do it. A philosophy gives our lives direction and meaning.